Frequently Asked Questions about Dallas Wedding Photographer William Bichara

Dallas Based, Award Winning, Documentary and Photojournalistic Style Wedding Photography

Why do couples love working with you?


I believe the simple answer in my case is reputation and trust. Testimonials from couples I’ve worked with say it all. Over the years, I’ve been blessed with many discerning and appreciative brides and grooms who were happy enough to express their pleasure with my work in those reviews in ways that exceed anything I can describe myself. Feedback often points out to trust in my work, feeling at ease in my presence in the most personal moments of their wedding day, flexibility, product quality, quick turnaround and so on. However, the common factor of all these testimonials is a humbling fascination with the elegant storytelling quality of the final wedding images.


Why should we invest in your wedding photography?

A few compelling reason include the following

·Award winning photographer – winner of The Knot Hall of fame designation and The Knot Best of Wedding Pick for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

·Top of the line Equipment. I only use professional high quality cameras, lenses, lights  and backup gear.

·For additional shooters, I only partner with experienced and reputable photographers with a comprehensive wedding portfolio that proves their record. I choose my partners meticulously to ensure that they stay true to my brand and to your expectations. 

·For any wedding photography package you choose, the final selection of photos you receive is abundant; all digital images are delivered to you in high resolution; they are individually color-corrected, sharpened and cropped to the highest quality; they are consistent in mood and style; and they are all yours to print and share. Most importantly there are no hidden fees or fine print.

·Quick turnaround. Not only you are anxious to see your wedding pictures, I am anxious to show them to you too! I have never missed to deliver at least a sneak peak of the wedding photos within a few days of the ceremony. As for the final images, I won’t make you wait too long. My delivery window is among the shortest in the industry.

·I offer top quality wedding art books. To most of the couples I’ve worked with, the wedding album is the cherry on top of the wedding photography cake. It is the single most valuable souvenir you can keep from your wedding day. The wedding books I offer are of a premium quality of material, layout and design. They’re modern, elegant and make the perfect coffee table book to keep your wedding memories stylishly within reach.



What is the engagement session about?

These sessions are meant to capture very quiet and personal moments away from the crowd. Some of the most memorable emotion-filled images of a couple’s wedding journey are captured in these settings. It’s also an opportunity to test the chemistry between you and the photographer who would be around you for most of your wedding day.


What tips do you have for couples setting a photography budget?

Even if I put my natural bias for professional photography aside, I would still strongly believe, that photography is one aspect of your wedding where, if you have the option, it may not be wise to skimp. As a bride and groom, you spend months, energy, and often a lot of money to plan a wedding day that fits your vision of the perfect setting to tie the knot. The wedding, as wonderful as it is, will fly by in a day, but what remains is the memory in your hearts and the pictures in your wedding album. Your hobbyist friend’s camera and a photography software may guarantee you a set of pictures of your wedding, but if you’re seeking to capture the experience, the emotion and the complete artfully documented story that you’ll want to keep coming back to, you need the eye of an experienced, highly qualified wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is a learned method and an art, and art doesn’t start with the tool but with the inherent talent of the artist. This is the way of the professional wedding photographer whose mission is to document the events of your wedding day beautifully and artistically, while at the same time ensuring that no key moment is missed, no emotion or meaningful gesture goes un-captured. So I say, choose your photographer wisely and don’t skimp. If you have a limited budget, don’t be reluctant to ask. Packages can always be tailored to your budget, at least they do in my case.



How far in advance should couples book a wedding photographer?


There are no rules for that. You can book one week ahead if you have to, but most couples book their photographer 6 months to a year and a half ahead of the scheduled wedding date, and there are only so many weekend in a wedding season. So couples will be competing over their desired photographer’s time. If your heart is set on a specific photographer, book them as soon as you can.